Thursday, April 6, 2017

What kind of writers to ask for help from

So at some point in your career you might have friends that have agents or managers or know producers. And perhaps you're thinking, well, I need one or both or all of those, so surely I should ask my friend to refer me! But hold on there buckaroo! Just when you think it's time to ask a friend to help you out, there are a few things to consider.

First, did your friend JUST get this agent/manager/producer? If so, then put on those brakes. If they're at that point, then they're trying to establish a relationship themselves. And for you to ask them to help you is a bit like asking a pregnant mom what it's like to have a baby. It's too soon to ask! So let that relationship they have with their agent, etc percolate.

Then, if a friend has had this agent/manger/producer for quite some time, still ask yourself what kind of relationship they have with that person. When I first became a writer, I knew a really big producer. A writer I had in a writing group asked if I could get a script to them. I hadn't even gotten a script to this person! I was still working on the relationship we had and if even I felt comfortable asking this producer to read something of mine. So I surely couldn't ask him for a friend! That's just odd and it put me in a weird position with the writer. Don't do that to friends! If you're a good writer, I promise your friend will help you out. I surely would have helped this friend out if I had built up the relationship. But instead she was mad I didn't help her and we lost touch.

If you're certain your friend is in a good place with said agent, etc, and I'm sure they see you making your own efforts to make things happen in your writing career, your friend will offer to help. If you really don't see them offering, then yes, go ahead and ask. But even then, they could say no. Some people just aren't willing to take risks on other writers. And if that's the case, there will be other opportunities.

There was even a time when I had a friend who had several really big contacts. It was years before she offered to get one of my scripts to her big producer contact. When she finally did, it turned out the producer had a script like mine, so passed. I was hoping my friend would ask to get another script to her producer friend because this was a really big opportunity for me. She didn't ask though. It really bummed me out. But I put it behind me and knew if it was the right time or situation she would. Well guess what? Now years later I'm working on something with this friend that we're getting to her producer friend! If I had gotten mad that my friend didn't help me out, I surely would have lost that friendship.

So plant the seeds with your writing, work hard, and in time, those friends will help you. But sometimes it just takes patience. And lots of hard work.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The rewrite has happened!

So the writer and I took the notes that the Exec Producer gave us. We were able to turn a rewrite around in under a week. So sent that to the director who's also creating the show with us. He liked it. So now it's on to the Exec Producer. If he likes it, and if he thinks he can pitch this along with his other shows, then, he'll pitch it with us. So we're waiting. Again. Half of the writing process right? But it sure would be exciting to have this Exec Producer team up with us. He has lots of connections in this biz.

So what do I do in the meantime? Well, what I'll say to you too. Work on other things! Luckily I'm working on a new TV script outline and another script for a feature. So I have enough things to keep my mind off that script. It's definitely why you want to work on more than one project at a time. Because the more you work on, the more you can throw out into the world. So if one thing doesn't happen, then you have plenty more options. Hopefully! Well, that's at least the plan.

So, I'm back to my outline now. I hope you're keeping busy on all your project too!